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The 47th edition of Filo according to the exhibitors

At the end of the 47th edition of Filo we collected the thoughts of some exhibitors. All confirm the satisfaction with the work done in the two days of the exhibition.

Roberto Rimoldi from Filatura Luisa: “It has been a positive fair’s edition, with an excellent flow of clients, due also to the increasing number of exhibitors. I think that this is the right way because raising the number of exhibiting companies means also making the visit to Filo more and more interesting. In addition, the position into the calendar is the right one: we have to adapt to the changes decided by downstream fairs”.

Paola Rossi from Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia: “Our opinion about these two days of Filo is extremely positive. We have seen a high flow of visitors, not just to our booth: the Trends Area has been continuously full of visitors. Personally, we have received visits from lots of clients, both Italian and foreign ones. Among these, there were many people coming from Japan, Korea and UK. Excellent results gave the system of pre-registered appointments with foreign buyers from the delegation promoted by Filo and ITA Agency. As for Italy, high qualified buyers from relevant weaving firms visited the exhibition. Among our most appreciated products there was Mousse, with a nice colour card in both melange and jaspè version”.

Vincenzo Caneparo from Davifil: “We are very satisfied with this edition of Filo. We have received even more visitors compared to the past edition, that had already registered a flows’ record for our company. Visitors’ growth has been uniform, both for Italian and foreign ones. It has to be remarked that the increase in number did not bring to a lower quality of buyers, that remained high as usually happens at Filo. The excellent performance of this edition is strongly linked with the right choices made by organisers as far as dates are concerned. Davifil shows a very wide choice of yarns, which can meet the needs of different clients”.

Gianni Fantini from Tollegno 1900: “We are satisfied with the performance of this Filo’s edition. We have received many visits, especially from Italian buyers. During these two first editions we have gathered good results, whose consequences will arise during next editions. Buyers have particularly appreciated our blends with natural fibresor technical ones, as Tencel or silicone ones, which give to products unique characteristics”.

Francesco Della Porta from Pozzi Electa evaluates positively this edition: “We are very satisfied, we have registered a high participation of qualified and concrete buyers. We have met more Italian buyers than foreign ones, since our production is totally ‘Made in Italy’, and carried out with self-produced energy (both photovoltaic and hydro-power). We have created a collection inspired by themes, that has been strongly appreciated by clients”.

Paola Aglietta from Italfil: “Visitors’ flow has been energetic along the two days of Filo, in line with the interest inspired by products for winter. Buyers were highly qualified, with a real interest not only for our already consolidated yarns, but also for our new technical products, studied for sport’s market, ensuring comfort and easy maintenance. On the other hand, our company invested a lot in technologies that allow us to develop new blends and a total renewal in colours’ choice”.

Giovanni Marchi from Marchi& Fildi: “The results of this edition are clearly positive. We have seen many clients, both usual and new, especially Italian ones. Buyers showed their interest for all our proposals, ranging from the more classical ones to research articles. Among new products, the ones destined to a higher segment of market were the most appreciated ones. On the other hand, our company privileges service as constant research of the product, but also as detailed organisation of techniques and commercial structures, trying then to satisfy totally our clients”.

Anna Mello Rella from Tintoria di Quaregna: “Filo is a very interesting, well-organised, concrete and professional exhibition. The level of visitors is high and they payed close attention to our products”.

Davide Marcante from Süedwollegroup-Safil: “This has been a positive edition, with a high buyers’ flow, who were strongly interested in our products, especially those resulting from research processes. Our group’s new structure sets new challenges, but also the opportunity to offer our clients a wide production concerning yarns’ industry”.

Alberto Enoch and Alex Zanuto from Servizi e Seta: “Our results are extremely positive, with a higher number of visitors compared to past editions. Italian buyers were more than foreign ones, but all very qualifies. Among the products we have shown, silk ones received great attention”.

Maurizio Pellati from Filatura Papi Fabio: “We are very satisfied, the presence of visitors has been constant. The proportion between Italian and foreign buyers account respectively for 65% and 35%. Among our products, cashmere blends, one of our greatest strength, aroused particular interest among clients”.

Chiara Bianchi Maiocchi from Lanecardate: “This has been for us a return to Filo and it has been positive. We worked well during both days of the fair, meeting many visitors, with 40% of foreign buyers and 60% of Italian ones. Buyers appreciated particularly yarns designed to high-end products”.

Biella, 8th March 2017

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