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Fight against counterfeiting at the first “Meeting with talent”

Which are the factors behind the success of Italian creativity worldwide? How can they be strengthened and protected? These were the themes at the core of the first among the ‘Meetings with talent’, organised by Luiss and Comitato Leonardo.

Luisa Todini, president of Comitato Leonardo, said that “Fashion industry is a key sector of Italian industry and a pride and joy of Made in Italy worldwide. That is why protection of brands and fight against counterfeiting are fundamental”. The second challenge detected by Todini is “the new digital panorama”: if e-commerce today is creating a spin-off for fashion Italian companies accounting for more than 3 billion euro, it is however necessary to fill the gap for small companies and then “measures carried out form government through the plan Industry 4.0 are strongly welcomed”. At the first ‘Meeting with talent’ many leading members of the Italian textile and fashion industry were present – from Carla Fendi to Nicola Bulgari, from Brunello Cucinelli to Pier Luigi Loro Piana – together with the presidents of trade and entrepreneurs’ associations. Everybody has underlined the uniqueness of Italian fashion system, due to a complete and high-quality pipeline, that now has to become even more trackable and sustainable. The coming back to craftsmanship from new generations is then crucial, as well as training for new managers who have to work to maintain structures and skills in Italy.

Biella, 14 June 2017

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