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Euratex changes its strategies

Euratex, the the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, launches a new strategy to better represent and strengthen the voice of the European textile and apparel industry this sector within communitarian institutions and partner organisations around the globe.

European textile-apparel industry has a yearly turnover accounting of over 171 billion euro and is made up of 178 thousand companies with 1.7 million workers. Over the last 10 years, it been able to modernise and reinvent itself into a forward-looking, innovative and export-oriented sector.

Therefore, adding to Euratex traditional interest’s areas – trade and industry policies – new objectives and priorities: sustainability, innovation and education. The Confederation has now decided an internal reorganisation appointing three new directors: Isabelle Weiler (Trade and Industry), Lutz Walter (Innovation and Skills) and Mauro Scalia (Sustainable Businesses).

Klaus Huneke, President of Euratex stated “Our representative organisation in Brussels is crucial to safeguard the interests of our industry and to engage with EU policy makers and other key stakeholders in new ways. I have full confidence in our broadened leadership team and its reinforced staff in the Brussels office to deliver on our ambitious programme”.

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