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50a Edizione

Filo: 50 editions of high-quality

The 50th edition of Filo is still some months ahead: the exhibition is scheduled for the 26th and 27th of September 2018 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

Fifty editions represent a significant achievement, reached thanks to a formula highlighting the matching between demand and offer of excellent yarns. In this context, even the product development proposals launched few months before the exhibition (see next news) stand out for being an operating tool available for exhibitors and professionals.

Paolo Monfermoso, manager of Filo, explains: “Over its 25 years of life, Filo has been constantly close to three principles: high-quality, professionalism and concreteness. But it has been also able to interpret them according to the huge changes which affected textile-apparel industry. Nowadays, those three watchwords are still extraordinary valid, but they are implemented along the supply chain, that brings us to strengthen the collaboration with other system’s protagonists, with a particular attention to the new challenges exhibiting companies and their clients should face: from keeping themselves competitive on markets to internationalisation, to the development of new themes as innovation, sustainability and education. The team of Filo keeps working to make our fair a reference point for the whole textile system, since quality and sustainability of end products crucially depend on the upstream segments of the pipeline”.

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