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Elasten elasticizes even hemp and linen

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Elasten has been producing stretch yarns for European and non EU-countries fabric companies for many years. The company holds the International Patent for its stretch yarns made of 100% linen, hemp and ramiè.

Elasten elasticizes any existing count of linen, hemp and ramiè, from the coarsest ones Nm 2000 to the finest ones Nm 75.000 or more.

Any possible variants of metric counts, bare and covered elastomers and torsions, are protected by Elasten patent which also covers fabrics made with Elasten yarns used 100% or in lower percentages. Elasten patented yarns can provide a total absence of the so-called “orange skin effect” on fabrics. Elasten products are brand new items of their kind on the market. They allow performing stretch or bi-stretch fabrics made of woody materials that were hardly elasticizable till now.

For the first time, linen, hemp and ramiè have a new look, different from the one the market was used to. Yarns are renovated in a more modern key. For example, Elasten elastic linen yarns will enable clients to produce fabrics keeping fresh body temperature without forgetting the important and famous characteristics of linen (for example its natural flames). In these fabrics Lycra is in the core while the natural material touches the skin.

Such yarns are destined for weaving or knitting, denim and fashion clothing, home furnishing and other technical fields (shoes).

Most of Elasten foreign customers are from Europe, Asia, Japan and South and North America.

Biella, 20th September 2017

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