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New colors by Givitex-Lurex

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Givitex-Lurex , the European world’s leading producer for metallic and effects yarns, again expands its range of colors, revealing itself once again to possess great creativity and intuition for market trends.

For the 48th edition of Filo, two newly refined and rare nuances enrich the holographic collection (HOL), a true trend of the last year: these are the new “purple” and “pink”, which promise to add to  the fabrics a prismatic look, veiled by a very delicate colored light.
Also the matt collection (MDM) is now enriched with the new “lilac” color, as well as that TE range – resistant to dyeing and scouring treatments – finally introduces two colors that have been a great market success, the “navy blue “and “April Moon”.

Biella, 20th September 2017

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