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Elasten elasticizes “even my mommy”

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Elasten meets any request of winded yarns with or without elastomer both for sale and third party work.

Every branch of activity is Elasten branch: yarns for fashion, technical work fabrics as well as furnishing and car upholstery, thanks to a wide range and number of machines.

Elasten works every typology of material with or without elastomer: summer (Like linen, ramié, hemp, cotton, viscose, silk), winter (wool and wool blends of any kind: combed, carded, open-end), synthetic (nylon & polyester), strictly technical (Kevlar, Cordura, Zylon, Dynema).

Elasten pursues constant research and cutting edge discoveries, such as elasticized paper, elasticized manila hemp, elasticized abaca, all covered by patent; elasticized linen, hemp and ramie’ yarns, all covered by international patents; baktron 1300: smooth, ironed, spun dyed, elasticized polyester yarn available stock service in various shades of colours, unique of its kind.

Biella, 21 september 2016

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