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Impressionists art inspires Ilaria Manifatture

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A flebile weaving of sunflowers fields, the ever changing nature continues its transformation with spontaneity, a constant inspiration for art innovators, painters of a new age and talent, the Impressionists. The Impression and it’s new way of seeing the world is the true inspiration for Ilaria’s new Spring Summer collection.

Using the Impressionists’ works as a guide-line, Ilaria chooses bio-compatibility and simplicity for its yarns, that means a traditional but new way of interpreting the tricot: super fine yarns to give a light transparency; raw effects to give a strong botton effect and frisé, The most authentic and traditional expression of the Italian heart in fancy yarns. Metallic yarns shines to give effects suitable for luxurious designs and collections. The knit becomes a life style and art. Our colors are a reinvention of those wonderful paintings. Vibrant tones and eclectic, not just colors abut harmonious shades of nature. An unexpected balance between style and design to create suspense in a new creative vision born straight from innovation and sweetness.

Biella, 21 september 2016

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