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Carded yarns by Filatura Bertoglio

Filatura Bertoglio was founded by Mr. Italo Bertoglio in 1946: for more than 70 years, in the plant based in Biella, the company has been producing carded yarns by commission or on its own account. In December 2019, in order to assure at its customers a faster and more efficient service, Filatura Bertoglio acquired the Carded Spinning Millefili in Quaregna Cerreto, a few kilometers from Biella.

By this acquisition, now Filatura Bertoglio has 10 sets of carding machines, 2 of them in a separate division for raw white and 2 others for light or natural colors. The spinning department has more than 4.000 spindles, the winding one about 200 heads Schlafhorst 338, X5 and Autoconer 6 with thermo splicers and Loepfe electronic slubs.
The carded yarns by Filatura Bertoglio vary from 3 to 36 metric counts in each composition, in particular mixed with wool and fine fibers: cashmere, camel, angora (Caregora), alpaca, yak and silk.
One of the carding machine can also produces fancy yarns (Tweed, Knoppy’s and Malfilè)
By an exclusive Cardorocca the company can provide semi-finished rovings on cones.
Yarns are tested for resistance in Filatura Bertoglio’s quality laboratory by Uster Tester 4 and Uster Tensojet.
The company, which has always been sensitive to environmental problems, self-produces electricity thanks to three important rooftop photovoltaic systems that ensure a total power of almost 400 kw.


Biella, 5 february 2020

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