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All “Routes” lead to Filo #50

All “Routes” lead to Filo #50

With this edition Filo celebrates its “50 times” and its 25 years of life: of course, we have travelled a long way together. Indeed, it’s not by case if the inspiration of the 50th edition of Filo (26th and 27th of September 2018 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan) relies on three famous routes: “Spice Route”, “Silk Route” and “Route 66”.

However, the long way is better covered with trusted friends. In the case of Filo, exhibiting companies come first, through their proposals of yarns and materials which are always more innovative and of higher quality from one edition to the other. However, there are other friends that have contributed during the past years – and they are still doing – to Filo’s success, working on the backstage.

For this special and golden edition, the first Filo’s friend to mention is Fondazione Stelline. Indeed, Palazzo delle Stelline is the historic headquarter of Filo, that has been always really appreciated by exhibitors and visitors for its central position in the city of Milan and for the charm of a location rich in art and history. There is a really crucial detail for people who work in a sector such as textiles: the natural light that from the cloister emanates to the whole exhibiting area.

Hard work and many opportunities of meeting between supply and demand of yarns are the “recipe” that allowed Filo to travel successfully over the 25-years long way and that enables to face with confidence the many challenges and the roads that still remain ahead. But work becomes even more efficient if there is also time to rest and recover energies. This is the time when other Filo’s friends enter the court.

Botalla Formaggi that, since 1947, has been representing the brand for high quality Piedmont’s cheese, made with the most genuine and selected milk. Many tastes, different formats and a unique passion for good tastiness and tradition. The tastiness of its products starts from the pastures where Biella and Piedmont cows are bred: the “secret” for the success of Botalla Formaggi is exactly in very high-quality raw materials processed by human labours – “unique and irreplaceable”, as they say into the company – into excellent cheeses thanks to wise processes, where experience allows to catch the right balance between aromas and flavours.

Pasticceria Massera bases its production on old processes and that’s why it defines proudly itself as ‘handcrafted’ reality. As at beginning times, when the founder, Luigi Massera, took the famous torcetti out of the oven for the village’s festivities, the processing excludes preservatives and colouring agents, using a unique mix of dosing and manipulation of absolutely natural ingredients: flower, butter and sugar, the simplest and even the most ordinary thing that the cuisine can be offer to the art of confectionery. Since 1920 on, Pasticceria Massera has become a flagship of the Biella’s confectionery’s production, receiving prestigious acknowledgments as the Label of handicraft excellence by Piedmont Region.

Once again, for the 50th edition of Filo, the two light-lunches reserved to exhibitors will be prepared by Ramella Banqueting, as well as the “Happy Birthday, Filo” party. A sure success because the proposals by chef Ivan Ramella unifies the attention to food tradition within Biella territory with the research for more and more new recipes. Since 1946, Ramella family has made quality catering an art which gathers professionalism, passion and style of hospitality, as shown, a part from the banqueting activity, by the various restaurants and activities launched by Ramella family in Biella area.

During the two days of Filo and for the birthday party, there will be of course Birra Menabrea. The famous brand, with more than 170 years of history, has always stood out for strong quality, tradition and culture. It is indeed an elite beer based on the concepts of hand-made and quality. Starting from the quality of Biella’s waters, the choice of hops, the stump of yeast, the malt. There is quality also in the love that men, from the brewer to other operators, dedicate and they have always dedicated to the production. Birra Menabrea is a prestigious Italian story: a company that shows a strong attention towards initiatives aimed at promoting excellences both in Italy and abroad. That’s why it is the ideal partner of Filo.

What about toasts, that will be so frequent during this edition? Cantina Orsolani will curate sparkles: it is an historic sparkling wines maker from North Piedmont. In a pioneer way, in 1968, it started to produce the sparkling Erbaluce. Since then, 50 years have already gone. And the 50th edition of Filo is the best occasion to celebrate this important milestone, together with both old and new clients.

As far as water is concerned, at Filo there it has just one name: Lauretana. During its 50 years of activity, Lauretana has been able to develop a distinctive position within the international panorama of mineral waters, by choosing a business logic which had always aimed at quality instead of mere gain. Purity and lightness are indeed the main characteristics of Lauretana water: its springs is on Monte Rosa, in the alpine region of Biella’s mountains, within a pure territory up to more than one thousand metres high. The lightest water in Europe for its organoleptic properties goes hand in hand with the work into the stands and the areas dedicated to the more relaxed moments, from the FiloLounge to the “Happy Birthday, Filo” party.


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