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The 50th edition of Filo closed with excellent results

The 50th edition of Filo closed with excellent results

The 50th edition of Filo, the international yarns and fibres exhibition, closed today in a very positive atmosphere.

Paolo Monfermoso, manager of Filo, states that: “The 50th edition of Filo has closed with very good results. With this edition, we have reached the milestone of 50 times and 25 years of Filo: indeed, it has been a significant moment for a fair like Filo, whose main characteristic is concreteness. Therefore, it is with great satisfaction that today we can report having met and exceeded the goals for 2015-2018. In this edition we have reached 115 exhibitors and visitors’ number is in line with the edition of September 2017. The whole situation rewards the teamwork and synergies we have built over past years, first of all with ITA-Agency, Sistema Moda Italia and Milano Unica. Thanks to ITA-Agency, for this edition too, a foreign delegation made up of buyers coming from EU countries (France, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Portugal) and also from Great Britain, Norway, Belarus, Turkey and Japan. While the support of Smi and Rafi (Russian Association of Fashion Industry) enabled us to host a delegation from Russia, a country which continues to be highly interesting for Italian textile companies. As president Carlo Piacenza has stated, Filo ‘has grown uo’: this is the acknowledgement of the work that has been carried out. In the meantime, however, ‘being grown up’ implies the responsibility to envisage, for the coming years, a path of growth fit to face the new challenges of the industry, without giving up to Filo’s essential characteristics, first of all the quality of exhibited products. Filo is indeed preparing itself to travel new ways starting from what has been done in the past, in order to continue providing to its exhibitors and visitors some concrete business’ opportunities”.

To inaugurate the 50th edition of Filo was Carlo Piacenza, president of the Unione Industriale Biellese: “During these 25 years, Filo has grown up, as much in terms of numbers as in terms of quality: this is the distinctiveness of the exhibition – he said. – Long standing exhibitors, together with new ones, share the excellence of exhibited products and the concrete choice of being part of a mainly B2B fair. Today, however, it is not just the time to look back, but it is the right moment to look at the future with enthusiasm, together with life-long partners, ITA-Agency and Sistema Moda Italia, that I would like to thank”.

Marinella Loddo, director of ITA-Agency Office in Milan, stressed the long cooperation with Filo, highlighting how “internationalisation should by now be part of the strategies belonging to each company, including the start-ups. Internationalised companies are more competitive, but to be able to face foreign markets – especially the ones of furthest countries – training is necessary, since it is a matter of understanding new consumers, with values and needs which are often different from ours. ITA-Agency is exactly working on this, thanks to the network of ITA’s offices, that is worldwide. However, considering that the world is continuously and rapidly changing, we need new ideas, new ways to make promotion and we should try to do it together, ITA-Agency and Italian companies”.

This approach has been also stressed by Federica Dottori, Head of responsible for the Internationalisation area of Sistema Moda Italia: ‘There is no magic bullet to have success in foreign markets. On the contrary, we have to build a precise strategy for each company, based on marketing studies, ability of analysing their capabilities and resources, included the financial ones. The role of Smi is indeed to help the companies of the textile-apparel supply chain to finalising this strategy’.

While Luca Ferrarese, from Banca Sella, has highlighted the great opportunities that the high digital acceleration is offering to every company. On condition, however, that there is the capability to know how to act in the so-called “ecosystem of innovation, being able to set collaborations among different players and raising networks of shared competences”.

Stefano Fadda, Milano Unica’s Art Director, stressed the synergy between Filo and MilanoUnica: “The opportunity to show simultaneously to the participants at Milano Unica yarns and fabrics represent a choice that has been really appreciated by operators. In addition, it also reflects that it is possible to besynergies are possible and especially useful for everybody, since they enhance even more the high quality of products of Italian companies”. This is a path that Filo and Milano Unica want to travel together and widen in the future.

The on-the-spot remarks from exhibitors confirm the satisfaction for the work carried out during the 50th edition of Filo.

Vincenzo Caneparo from Davifil says that: “The evaluation on these two days at Filo is positive. An exhibition that have lasted for 50 editions and 25 years is clearly a success. However, we are experiencing a period of strong changes, that ask for Filo to adequate to the new requests of the market. But to do this, we should continue to focus on the high quality of exhibited products, since proposing products of high quality is the essential characteristic of Filo”.

Roberta Barba from Tollegno 1900 states: “Filo is an important meeting for our company. Here you find the greatest names of textile industry, that is why Filo is an integral part of our corporate strategy. For this edition too, that proposes summer collections, we have registered many interesting contacts in various ways”.

Francesco Della Porta from Pozzi Electa judges positively the fair: “We have been present at Filo since the first edition and we are very satisfied for the achieved results during the 50th edition. During these years, Filo has reflected the evolution of textile industry since innovating and renovating is what allows companies to stay on the market successfully. For example, today our company is living a turning point: we have introduced new eco-friendly products as bamboo and ramie, and it has been possible only thanks to research and study of new solutions”.

Stefano Aglietta from Italfil states that: “This edition of Filo confirms the positive trend that has been already registered in past editions. There is a recovery in the request for high-quality’s products, that are strongly demanded by customers, both Italian and foreign ones. In the past editions, our company has created new products, in particular a line of high-quality technical yarns, which is gaining particular success especially among foreign clients”.

Marco Bardelle from Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 says that: “During this edition of Filo, the interest of operators has been especially focused on technical products’ processing. Filo is indeed an exhibition that offers great opportunities, high interest especially because it is a real B2B fair, where it is possible to raise a dialogue with a targeted and expert clientele”.

Alessandro Catani from Filatura C4 stresses that: “We have registered a clients’ flow in line with expectations, considering that summer collection is not the core one for our company. However, in each case, we have met potential customers: a first approach to allow us developing an interesting dialogue. As far as products are concerned, melange yarns, wool blends and natural fibres are the ones which drew the highest interest of clients”.

Davide Marcante from Südwolle Group says: “Summer collection is less representative for our company, but Filo is certainly a fair where we have to be present, since it represents a precise meeting point with clients. This is an opportunity to dialogue together, where we not only present collections, but we can also discuss with customers about the main problems of our industry: in this period, for example, the high cost of wool”.

Francesco Ongetta from Ongetta remarks: “We have been exhibiting at Filo for long time, therefore we were particularly happy to be present at the 50th edition. Our company is specialised in silk’s production, but during this edition we have proposed some new blended yarns that widen the possibilities of products’ development’. For us, this has been a successful edition, that enabled us to meet new buyers, both Italian and foreign ones, some of which were part of the delegation hosted by Filo in cooperation with ITA-Agency”.

Francesco Ferraris from Finissaggio e Tintoria Ferraris states: “The 50th edition of Filo has been very positive for us. This is a fair where you can find already acquired customers with which it is possible to discuss about the continuation of the season. At the same time there is the opportunity to meet also new potential clients, as Russian buyers from the delegation promoted by Filo together with Sistema Moda Italia. Filo is a chance to understand the trends of the market and create network. In just one word: Filo is a chance to grow”.

Roberto Rimoldi from Filatura Luisa says: “25 years of Filo represent a reason of pride and emotion for our company and for me personally. Filo is a niche’s B2B fair and must remain so, since it is the reason of its success. As far as our company is concerned, we are satisfied with this edition, that has been in line with the expectation related to a season that is not ours. Among visitors, we have registered many foreign people, especially from Northern Europe, also thanks to the delegation of foreign buyers organised by Filo and ITA-Agency”.

Gian Maurizio Caucino from Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia remarks: “Our opinion about these two days at Filo is positive, as usual. Summer is not the leading season for us. We have received a clients’ flow, both Italian and European ones, in line with expectations. In summary, we can say that we have registered an increased interest for Made in Italy products”.

Vittoria Marchi di Marchi e Fildi says: “This edition has been positive for our firm. We have seen many clients, both consolidated and new ones. The visits of most well-known textile brands were very interesting. In the market, there is interest for yarns addressed to a higher market range. And there is always a real interest of clients for Ecotec products: this means that eco-sustainability has become a true competitive factor for downstream firms”.

Gabriele Cecchi from AZ Filati says: “We have received the visit of many clients, especially from Northern Europe among the foreign ones. Buyers have really appreciated the proposals of our collection for furniture, produced with excellent yarns. We have also received some requests for the study of tailor-made collections for the customer”.

Adolfo Marchetti from Iride says that: “A good edition, the flow has been higher during the second day. We have received both new and consolidated clients: this shows the growing interest for natural colouring”.


The appointment with the 51st edition of Filo is scheduled on February 2019.


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