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54th edition of Filo: the exhibitors’ comments (third and last part)

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At the end of the second day of Filo we collected the comments of the exhibitors, some in the form of a video interview. Everyone expressed satisfaction with the work done at the 54th edition of Filo. We publish here the the third and last part of the interviews carried out at the fair. As for the first and second parts, you can read it on Filo’s website.

Anna Gaslini from Filatura Astro: “The first day of the fair has been very satisfying, while the second one has been calmer. Trough Filo, the sector gave a recovery’s signal, and this is definitely positive. We are also happy with the new location, which reflects the dimension of a fair that, over the years, has become a landmark at international level. Among the new products, Lyola, a yarn made in Lyocell and recycled wool under Ecolabel brand had particular success. By the way, Astro has been part of sustainable world for more than 60 years.”.

Giovanni Marchi from Marchi e Fildi thinks that “Compared to the expectations linked to this moment, of course it has been a positive Filo edition; we have met many clients, usual and new ones. The change of location is absolutely a step forward which laid down the foundations for the growth of the exhibition in the future. We are still working on research and innovation and we are strongly focused on our range of sustainable products.”

Michele Tolu from Orangepix: “It has been very interesting taking part in a trade fair with a complementary service. We have experienced a positive atmosphere and a decisive enthusiasm for our proposals. We have noted great interest towards digital field, indeed there is a significant will of the companies to promote online. Therefore, B2B online promotion is now fundamental: the online presence is the same as “Yellow Pages” were in the Seventies and the Eighties.”

Maurizio Mancini from Tintoria Mancini: “Filo gave a strong signal for re-starting, that this sector needed. The edition resulted to be very positive, at Filo we have met lots of our clients, who are exhibitors too. As dyeing mill, we are strongly committed in spreading the concept of sustainability, that in Biella’s territory is particularly virtuous. And we are doing it with our campaign #aspassoconlapecora (#goingoutwiththeship), which aims at making people understanding the production process of wool, whose dyeing is an essential step. There is a lot of diffidence towards dyeing mills; people think that these processes are particularly polluting, while people working in Italy comply with severe rules. We are personally focused on a production process that allows us to give back to the nature what we take from it.”

Franco Ravazzi from TOT: “The results that we have achieved are affected by a difficult moment. Anyway, we have received the visit from some important companies. We have also appreciated the new exhibiting location, equipped with areas which enable to enhance exhibitors’ proposals.”


Biella, November 18 2020

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