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Francesca Tuzzeo – Tecno Fashion – Tecniche Nuove (part 3)

"The FiloFlow project offers exhibitors the opportunity to enhance their sustainability efforts."

Francesca Tuzzeo – Tecno Fashion – Tecniche nuove (part 1)

"Following the trend of nature and sustainability these proposals have succeeded in giving precis."

Francesca Tuzzeo – Tecno Fashion – Tecniche Nuove (Part 2)

"The representation of nature is in its complexity, but also in the simplicity of the…

Roberta Reineke – Made In Biella

"We Italians are the heart of creativity in all fields and in textiles in particular."

Rosella Cilano – Associazione Colori e Tinture Naturali

"The trend towards "clean" yarns and natural colours is confirmed."

Elisa Salimbeni – Filatura Alma (Part 3)

"We decided to join FiloFlow because we have increased the use of recycled materials and…

Maurizio Colzani – Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale (Part 2)

"Our company is interested in all that is sustainable and ecological. The interest in sustainability…

Giacinto Gelli – Fil-3 (Part 2)

"We participated in FiloFlow because Fil-3 truly believes in sustainability"

Dino Masso – Tintoria e Finissaggio 2000 (Part 2)

"We have joined FiloFlow because sustainability requires a systemic approach, in order to address the…

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