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51st edition of Filo: style according to “Dissonance”

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A large part of the meetings in Biella, Prato and Milan for the presentation of the 51st Filo edition was dedicated to the presentation of product development’s proposals carried out by Gianni Bologna, responsible for creativity and style of the exhibition, under the title “Dissonance”.

Gianni Bologna started from a premise: “The product development proposals for the 51st edition of Filo start from a juxtaposition that is increasingly present in our daily life: on one hand, the need for strength in the condition of harsh competition in and out of the workplace that brings us to develop aptitudes for fighting which are increasingly draining and selective; on the other hand, the growing ambition to calm, the desire of taking a step backwards, the desire of ‘retreating’, that is however difficult to carry out”. As far as textile material is concerned, both themes were developed according to discord and contraposition referred to hereinabove and to sharp contrasts, searching for hybrids, overlapping, different depths in aesthetic contents, in materials and colours.

Product development proposals are available to professionals on the Filo website

Biella, 19 dicember 2018

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