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Versatily and eclectism by Elasten

website creator Elasten meets any request of stretched or simply spiraled yarns both for sale and for third party work. Mainly Elasten uses bare elastomers, covered or heat-wrapped, in addition to every kind of elastic/shrink-wrap newly conceived fibers, first tested and then proposed to customers.
Every branch of activity is Elasten’s branch: yarns for fashion, technical work fabrics as well as furnishing, footwear and car upholstery.

Elasten works every typology of material with or without elastomer: for summer (linen, ramié, hemp, cotton, viscose, silk, for example), and for winter (wool and wool blends of any kind: combed, carded, open end, carded, combed), synthetic (nylon & polyester), but also strictly technical (kevlar, cordura, zylon, dynema, high toughness fibers).
Elasten pursues constant research of new textile solutions, such as:
– elasticized paper, elasticized manila hemp, elasticized abaca, all covered by patent
– elasticized linen, hemp and ramié yarns all covered by international patent code name: wo 2012/056436a2
– baktron 1300: smooth, ironed, spun dyed, elasticized polyester yarn available stock service in various shades of color. One of a kind.

Biella, 8th February 2017

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