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Starting today, FiloNewsLetter has been totally re-styled, reserving much more space to exhibiting companies and opening a new section for yarns and fabrics oriented to short-term market.

The new image of FiloNewsLetter represents the innovation that attracts at once, by using a format ideal for a reading on tablets or mobile phones. However, it’s the new content that will catch readers’ attention.
The section ‘Companies at the forefront’, highly appreciated by companies and readers, has been re-named turning into ‘Focus on exhibiting companies’. The goal is to highlight images, so that FiloNewsLetter can turn into a real showcase on collections proposed by exhibitors. The most interesting aspect is that from now on the companies will have the opportunity to send photos or texts but also short videos to display their products, making the presentation even more dynamic and interactive.
The most exciting innovative aspect, which enriches FiloNewsLetter, is the new section ‘Pronto? Filo!’, by Gianni Bologna, Responsible for creativity and style of Filo. It is made of short hints at yarns and fabrics’ qualities mainly orientated to short-term market. This section is a further example of the concrete and productive approach that Filo uses to face this difficult time for textile industry.


Biella, February 24 2021

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