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The fibres of Filo: TENCEL ™ by Lenzing


The 56th edition of Filo dedicates much space to fibres. This choice comes from the thought that an effective sustainability and traceability of products could be reached only in a view of supply chain. Lenzing, one of the world’s leaders in the production of cellulosic fibres, perfectly meets this concept.
During the 56thedition of Filo, Lenzing proposes TENCEL™ fibre, in its different declinations: TENCEL™ with Refibra tecnology (ry-cicling of post-industrial & consumer cotton’s pieces); TENCEL™ – Modal Indigo (dope dyeing of fibre for denim); TENCEL™ Luxe – continuous thread in lyocell to meet the needs of silk industry; and TENCEL™ Carbon Zero – Eco Clean. These materials are present in the most varied products of textile-apparel and furniture industry, which are currently employed also in agriculture and in packaging, for the fact of being biodegradable.
What makes TENCEL™ fibre really interesting for Filo is not just its quality, known and acknowledged for long time by Filo exhibiting companies, but the production process through which the fibre is obtained, that will be at the centre of interest.
Indeed, TENCEL™ is produced in Austria in a plant near Attersee, the lake that in the past had inspired the music by Gustav Mahler and the paintings by Gustav Klimt. The plant is then located in a characteristic landscape, with a natural environment to safeguard. For this reason, starting from the Seventies, Lenzing has given a great attention to the resources used and the emissions produced, by implementing sustainable strategies.
One of the ‘Dialoghi di Confronto’, held on the Networking Area of Filo during the fair, is precisely dedicated to the production process adopted by Lenzing and to its ‘bio-refinery’. The protagonist of this ‘Dialogo di Confronto’ (scheduled on the 30th of September at 3 p.m.), entitled ‘Lenzing’s biorefinery concept’ will be Carlo Covini, Lenzing – Business Development Manager Italy & Switzerland.
‘Dialoghi di Confronto’ represent one of the most interesting innovations of the 56th edition of Filo. Please find here the whole agenda of the two days of Filo’s meetings
We are waiting for you at the 56th edition of Filo on the 29th and 30th of September 2021 at MiCo!
Biella, 24 settembre 2021

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