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The bright side of superficiality

Creating a yarn intended to become a fabric and then an “elegant” garment (or furnishing material) requires product research and processing skill – abilities in which Filo exhibitors achieve excellence. However, Gianni Bologna, creative and style manager for Filo, underlines that “even more needed are know how and intelligence to give life to collections which will turn into fashionable garments although not the ones that may let you enter Buckingham Palace”. The product development proposals elaborated by Gianni Bologna for the 45th edition of Filo are based around the borders of the apparent stylistic oxymoron of an “elegance of bad taste”.

The preview illustration of the product development proposals represents another highlight of the press conferences presenting the 45th edition of Filo. Indeed, Filo product development proposals are designed to be a work instrument and to provide valuable information on the yarns, processes and colours which will characterize the coming seasons. The theme of the 45th edition of Filo is “Curriculum vitae”, a digression into a “day to day curriculum” that in terms of style seems to offer a great deal of superficiality. On the one hand, the participation in the presentation will enable operators to understand the macro-trend underlying the proposals elaborated by Gianni Bologna and, on the other hand, to fully appreciate the most important and technical aspects.

Biella,  january 2016

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