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The collaboration between Filo and Slow Fiber is based on the sharing of values linked to sustainability and corporate responsibility. At the 60th edition of the Yarns and Fibers Exhibition, the meeting developed both through the debate of the opening ceremony and through the space dedicated to the network within the Sustainability Area. The common purpose between Filo and Slow Fiber is further confirmed by the fact that some of the companies that join the network are Filo exhibitors.

“The debate organized with Slow Fiber was an opportunity for us to delve deeper into and share the values of sustainability in the textile sector – says Paolo Monfermoso, head of Filo – We believed it was crucial to discuss the topic of “good, healthy, clean” textiles. , fair and lasting” at a fair like ours, reserved for professionals, to understand the problems and the path to take to resolve them. The goal now is to continue the synergy between Filo and the Slow Fiber network in the next editions.”
Slow Fiber is a network of Italian textile and furniture companies that aspire to achieve a change in production paradigm in the name of sustainability. Its strength lies precisely in the network of Italian textile companies which, through their work, show that it is possible to create products for dressing and furnishing that are not only beautiful and healthy, but also clean because the environmental impact of the production processes is reduced, and fair because they respect workers’ rights. The “sustainable revolution” today includes nineteen companies in the Made in Italy textile supply chain: Oscalito, l’Opificio, Quagliotti, Remmert, Pettinatura Di Verrone, Tintoria 2000, Angelo Vasino Spa, Olcese Ferrari, Tintoria Felli, Manifattura Tessile Di Nole, Holding Moda, Lane Cardate, Italfil, Pattern, Maglificio Maggia, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Albini Group, Botto Giuseppe, Finissaggio e Tintoria Ferraris.


Biella, October 4 2023

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