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Servizi e Seta is a trading company founded in June 2008 by Schneider Group and Alberto Enoch, specialized in the production and trading of 100% silk yarns and silk blends with noble fibers as well as 100% linen and linen mixtures with natural fibers.

Thanks to the direct presence of the company in China and the useful control of raw materials, Servizi e Seta is able to guarantee to customers the highest qualitative standard and a prompt reply to any market changes.
Servizi e Seta produces yarns for weaving and circular knitting for clothing and home furnishings as well as yarns for flat knitting. Wokshop has different type of spinning process: worsted spinning for long staple; semi-worsted for short fibers; linen wet spun; open-end system. All dyeing and noble finishing operations take place exclusively in Italy in order to guarantee quality and fast service.
Servizi e Seta works with direct sales offices in Italy, USA, Hong Kong, China and London, however, through a network of agencies the company is present in the main markets of reference.


Biella, May 5 2021

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