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Circular economy and recycling of materials are essential in the process to reach increasingly sustainable textile products, under the environmental, economic, and social aspects. It is no coincidence that, among Filo’s exhibitors, there are leading companies in recycling raw materials. and these topics often represent the core of “Dialoghi di Confronto”.

Circular economy and reuse of materials are concepts which catch the attention of consumers, since they enable to gather many different goals in a single idea, from more conscious consumption, avoiding unnecessary waste, hampering environmental pollution, to the research for a ever-increasing quality along textile production, which allows for long-lasting garments.
On the other hand, in textile industry, circular economy and reuse of materials are linked to processes which belong to centuries-old tradition which today benefits from technical and technological cutting-edge technologies. However, difficulties and problems are still present – as the need for a good quality of source materials, the difficulty in separating different materials, the need for an increasingly closer collaboration along the supply chain, up to the production of materials that from the very beginning have been created for their re-use. An Exhibitions like Filo helps address these topics, proposing itself more and more as a platform for work, to exchange ideas and projects, to create collaborations which arise and grow among the booths and in the areas dedicated to dialogues and confrontations.


Biella, November 23 2022

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