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Product development proposals: the inspiration is Leonardo

The entire 44th edition of FILO is “in the name of Leonardo”, and so the product development proposals elaborated by Gianni Bologna – focus of the meeting scheduled on 22 June 2015 in Biella – have as their starting point the idea of a future inspired by the intuitions of the genius from Vinci, in the belief that – now like then – the best way to conceive the future is to create it, even from nothing.


In years in which the place up for innovation has often been occupied by nostalgic, revisited solicitations, here is an invitation to look ahead, backed by our Italian textile past, school of aesthetics and taste difficult to equal. The focus is on re-invention, very daring technicality that contaminates the so-called “classic” sectors, which remain the spearhead of our textile industry.

The proposals of textile aspects are designed to stimulate the offer of new products with an “incorporated future”, being able to stand out simply starting from the assumption that innovation and creativity are the only motors of the future across the entire textile chain, from fibre to finished garment, whenever they may be applied, in 2015 or in the Renaissance.

After the meeting on June 23, the product development proposals for the 44th FILO edition will be available on the website

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