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The history of the silkworm is millenary and fascinating. A 100% natural production that of the small and precious Lepidoptera, which has always given rise to an exclusive, sophisticated, and luxurious fiber. Here is how Pozzi Electa interprets it.

Pozzi Electa uses only cut fibers that derive from the most careful and strict selection, so that the cleanliness of the yarn, its uniformity and the peculiar features s of light reflection and dye absorption can be guaranteed.
Pozzi Electa employs various types of silk. The classic smooth, glossy silk that originates brilliant and very clean yarns when mixed with cotton and/or viscose. And a rustic and wild silk, which instead creates wavy and stylishly casual yarns.
The attention to the environmental impact and sustainability is once again the key player. Supersilk yarn, a 100% GRS certified Silk, stands out with its elegant rusticity to service the weaving and knitwear factories. Blends with silk are Silko (Cotton / Silk), Mose (Micromodal/Silk), Lussi (Viscose/Silk), Hestasilk (Silk/Cotton/Linen) and the entire range available on the Pozzi Electa website.


Biella, March 24 2021

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