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Ongetta: the textile of the future through the experience of the past

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For the next season Ongetta proposes sustainability again. To produce silk, it is necessary to grow mulberry plants without pesticides in order to feed the worms. These crops produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, making the environment more breathable. Agricultural production does not affect natural resources and creates a virtuous circle that gives social and economic sustainability to the less well-off classes of the primary sector, favoring adequate working conditions.

Silk is therefore a natural, ecological and green choice. As they explain in Ongetta, “For years we have pursued the path of sustainability, and we have added to the traditional products the organic products that have been recognized with the Gots certification for organic silk and by signing the Detox by Green Peace commitment, demonstrating that the path we are taking is right. We want to continue this way without ever being satisfied with professionalism and passion. We think that by improving the product, we will also pursue our strategies respecting tradition, investing in technology and safeguarding the environment”.

Biella, september 18th 2019

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