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Ongetta at work for real sustainability

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“We have to care about the world where we live in” say the people in Ongetta. The company started its sustainable attitude many years ago, signing the Detox commitment and obtaining the Gots certification for silk organic yarns. In 2019 Ongetta also pursued and obtained GRS (global recycled standard) certification for the silk material ready to be spinned. In this case the material comes from the waste of the company’s twisting process. In this way Ongetta manage to use 100% of its raw material for products output without any waste.

Silk is a natural fiber and the Ongetta Silk products are produced through a sustainable supply chain. Mulberry leaves are the only substance used to feed the silk worms helping the environment to capture carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in the air through all its life cycle.

Silk production also gives the opportunity to give a safe job to many people in poor villages and to limit the deforestation and the increasing consumption of the land.

As they say in Ongetta: “We all should learn to respect our environment, also by purchasing more responsibly: it is a crucial issue in order to leave to our sons and daughters a world in a better shape than how we found it”.

Biella, 21 February 2020

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