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One hundred European companies against online counterfeiting

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Counterfeiting hass strongly increased and without a modernization and a strengthening of European legislative framework it will continue to grow exponentially, with severe consequences for innovation and companies, big, medium or small in any sector. The price is paid not only by companies affected by unfair competition, but also by consumers, for the effects on health and safety. These are in summery the contents of the letter-appeal that 100 important European brands belonging to different sectors have sent to the president of the European Commission, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker.

The fight against counterfeiting, and particularly against online sold counterfeit products, should represent a priority for the EU –  the letter states. The signatory firms include names as Prada, Chanel, Dior, Cassina, Apple, Basf, Adidas, Michelin and even Lego. In the viewfinder there are e-commerce giants as Alibaba and Amazon, which are not doing enough to limit counterfeit products’ circulation within their platforms. The signatory companies ask the European Commission not to underestimate the problem and to act as it has been already made against illicit contents and hate speech spreading online.

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