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New horizons open for Ecotec by Marchi & Fildi

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The Ecotec by Marchi & Fildi transformation into excellence yarns is back at Filo sharing amazing new steps in its journey towards smart innovation within a circular economy approach.

Marchi & Fildi has just announced a 2 million euros investment in highly specialized process technology.The aim is improving Ecotec process and its yarn product range. This is another confirmation about the real ongoing commitment from Marchi & Fildi to position Ecotec as a key player in the world of responsible innovation.
On top of this, Ecotec is also widening its portfolio range thanks to the introduction of special yarns with counts and styles designed for knitwear production: Ecotec moulinè and micromoulinè yarns: offering amazing colour effects and precious touch always fresh and cool. Considering that Ecotec yarns are not dyed, it is quite a smart look and achievement; Ecotec cable: soft twists for full body hand, authentic touch and amazing colour cards available.
More technology, new applications: these facts are opening up the doors also to new Ecotec partners in the market. It is essential for Ecotec to offer brands and designers a wider and interesting choice.

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