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The connection between natural fibres and sustainability is immediate: how materials directly coming from nature not be environmentally friendly?

Since ancient times, wool, linen, cotton, and silk have been the life-blood of textile industry. Nowadays, they preserve their contemporaneity for their undeniable and excellent intrinsic features. For some time, also a careful attention for production processes’ sustainability has been added, insisting on plantations carried out in full respect for the environment as far as vegetal fibres are concerned, while respecting animals’ wellbeing in relation to animal fibres. The associations which gather natural fibres’ producers participating in Filo are accounting for these approaches in line with environmental and social sustainability’s criteria. The wide space which the Exhibition of Yarns gives to natural fibres – which are at the roots of the production carried out by many exhibitors – it is part of the choice to open Filo’s doors to different protagonists of textile production supply chain, providing to visitors and exhibitors a supply chain vision. This choice will be re-stated during the 60th edition of Filo, to be held at Allianz MiCo on the 20th and 21st of September 2023.


Biella, April 19 2023

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