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No more seasons in Milano Unica’s dictionary: MU Seasonless is indeed a long trip through Italian manufacture, especially, the one represented by textile supply chain. Also relating communication strategies, links and synergy between Filo and Milano Unica are strengthening.

Very high quality, deep research and attention to the market: these are the three concepts used by President Alessandro Barberis Canonico to launch the ‘new course’ which Milano Unica’s trends are inspired to. The meaning of “MU Seasonless” has been recalled and developed by Antonella Martinetto (Milano Unica’s Executive Committee): “We chose to propose inspirations for fabrics and accessories which go beyond the concepts of season and gender – she explained –. Following a suggestion by Gianni Bologna, maybe from now on we should speak about creative chances, rather than trends.” Here Martinetto refers to Filo’s choice, dating back for many years, not to indicate a seasonality for yarns’ product development proposals.
Therefore, broken out the classic cycle of seasons in terms of the proposal and use of fabrics and accessories Milano Unica goes on a journey along the rich tradition of Italian manufacturing to overcome the conventional seasonality of wools, cottons, muslin linen, satin, velvet, ribbons. The idea of MU Seasonless stems from the analysis of more and more complex markets, but also from the dialogue and the sharing with exhibitors, which brought to proposals immediately applicable, relying on the research carried out upstream of the fabrics, and especially in the yarns as the ones exhibited at Filo.


Biella, April 6 2022

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