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The journey started by Filo’s staff to personally meet fair’s exhibitors in view of the 56th edition goes on with great results. 

The idea of physically meet at their headquarter Filo’s exhibitors started in February, after the cancellation of the 55th edition. Therefore, Filo embarked on a trip, with scheduled stops for holding a meeting in various Italian regions. The results of the initiative have been highly fruitful: meeting and personally talking allowed to deepen mutual knowledge and the exchange of information; on some occasions, it enabled to go beyond some comprehensible uncertainties and hesitations due to the difficult situation affecting this industry. In each case, the relationship between Filo and its exhibitors became stronger and more stable. This has been proven by the fact that most of them have already confirmed their presence at the 56th edition of Filo. To them, some new companies have been added, and they will exhibit in September for the first time. 

In relation to foreign exhibitors, the situation is more complex, considering the still difficult situation in many countries, but we are receiving some signals and the promise to maintain regular contacts and to update before holidays.

However, all meetings have clearly shown the desire and the willingness of the companies to resume the interrupted journey. 

This is a shared feeling among companies that will be present at the 56th edition of Filo, scheduled on the 29th and the 30th of September 2021 at MiCo – Milan Convention Centre. 

Bookings of exhibiting areas are still open and special conditions are set aside for the companies that book before the end of June. Filo’s staff is totally available to meet potential exhibitors, answer to their questions and requests and give more information. 

Filo website is a perfect starting point to become an exhibitor of the fair. 


Biella, June 16 2021

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