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Light on FiloFlow, Filo’s sustainability project

Light on FiloFlow, Filo’s sustainability project

Filo, the international yarns and fibres’ Exhibition, analyses the first phase of FiloFlow, the yarns’ sustainability project launched during the 51st edition in February 2019.
Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, restates the objective of the project: ‘Through FiloFlow, first of all we want to highlight the strong awareness of Filo’s exhibitors in relation to sustainability, that is often already present within their companies. Secondly, we want to stress that for us sustainability is a process and implicates the entire pipeline, since this is the only way to get a sustainable product. Thirdly, when we talk about sustainability of production’s process, we mean the usage of chemicals in compliance with regulations, the care for water consumption, energy consumption and recycling. Then, to all this, it should be combined the construction and the spreading of a social sustainability model towards all the stakeholders of the territory where the companies operate, from employees to providers, from citizens to the ecosystem’.
The first phase of FiloFlow is focused on the sheet that all Filo’s exhibitors will receive next week. The sheet collects different information about the company (type, dimension, reports and communications with the stakeholders – as for example the draw up of sustainability statements) and about production’s practices: raw materials that are used, supply chain’s traceability, energetic consumption, chemical management, waste management, environmental monitoring and implication for ethic and social activities. The participation of the companies in the project is voluntary and is based on self-certification.

The companies which meet the required characteristics will be distinguished with the brand ‘FiloFlow’, that will be shown also within the catalogue of the 52nd edition of Filo. There’s more: some of the selected products will be exhibited in the Sustainability Area of the 52nd Filo edition of September 2019, that will be set up to enable visitors to immediately detect the product they are interested in and the company which produces it.
As Paolo Monfermoso underlines: ‘Since the presentation of FiloFlow at the 51st Filo edition, the exhibiting companies have showed great interest for the project. Among our exhibitors, there is the awareness that environmental and social sustainability is a necessary choice, since the market requires it, but financial world is increasingly requiring it too. This is a choice that the companies have to make today, since it implies investments in the factory, also with a view to 4.0. This is the only way for our companies to continue to create high quality products and excel internationally’.

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