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The 52nd edition of Filo: a successful presentation in Paris

The 52nd edition of Filo: a successful presentation in Paris
The first stage of the road-show for the presentation of the 52nd edition of Filo, held in Paris on the 4th of June 2019 at the Hotel Castille, has been successful.
At the meeting, which has been organised in close cooperation with ITA – Agence italienne pour le commerce extérieur, there was a great participation of many international operators, who showed a high interest for Filo and its initiatives.
The presentation has been introduced by Giovanni Sacchi, head of ITA office in Paris. During his speech, Mr. Sacchi firstly reminded how Filo is the “only international exhibition dedicated to yarns’ excellence; a business show with a wide set of very high quality collections, result of research and continuous innovation, produced respecting environment and fundamental ethic values”. The head of Paris’ ITA office has then rested on French market: “Among the European countries, today France is one of the main clients of Italian yarning, the third one for worsted ones – registering a purchasing amount that accounts for about 20 million euros in 2018 – following Czech Republic and UK. Therefore, we hope that today’s meeting helps to make more and more recognizable to French public the reasons of the international success of Italian yarning and of its reference’s exhibition, Filo”.
Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, explained the reasons which brought to choose France as foreign step-over of the road-show for the presentation of Filo: “Our presence in Paris witnesses the willing to continue the internationalisation’s process carried out by Filo. France represents the natural outlet market for very high quality products as the ones shown by our exhibitors are”. But starting from the 52nd edition, Filo in enriched with a further interesting element: the project FiloFlow.
As Monfermoso explained: “Filoflow is a tracking project of the pipeline, that wants
to highlight and to enhance production’s processes and sustainable products made by
our exhibitors.
Indeed, we think that environmental and social sustainability is a forced choice for the
companies belonging to textile-apparel industry – especially high-range ones – which
want to remain internationally competitive. In our conception, sustainability is carried
out in a supply chain’s view, since this is the only way to ensure a complete traceability
of products. Our exhibitors have reacted with interest to FiloFlow project, and we are
sure that even international buyers will look at it as an essential tool to detect those
products which better meet their needs”.
While Paolo Monfermoso explained the mission and the general goals of Filo,
Nicoletta Bonino, from Filo, talked about technical details for the participation in Filo
and about Filo’s initiatives with the view of the 52nd edition. Gianni Bologna,
responsible for Filo’s creativity and style, showed the product development proposals
carried out for the 52nd edition of Filo, inspired by “Metamorphosis”.
The 52nd edition of Filo is scheduled to be held at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan on
the 25th and 26th of September 2019.

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