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June the 9th, 2022 is a date to put on the agenda: indeed, the creative proposals carried out by Gianni Bologna for the 58th edition Filo, scheduled at MiCo – Milan on the 14th and 15th of September 2022, will be disclosed.

Creativity, research, efficacy, and concreteness: these are the foundations which form the basis of Filo’s activity. These principles also apply to the choice of textile themes to be proposed as an inspiration for the collections that will be exhibited during the exhibition.
Left aside the old concepts of trends and seasonality, Filo proposes textile themes focused on continuous research for the product, in a constant ‘creative dialogue’ with the companies.
As Gianni Bologna, responsible for Filo’s Creativity and Style, has highlighted, the core of the issue is made up of raw materials, products, processes, in an open and continuous dialogue with the companies and product managers, aiming at enhancing their creativity, experimentations, and research capacities.
The principles of efficacy and concreteness also apply to the channel that has been detected for realising the creative themes. For some editions, indeed, Filo has decided to propose them only through the digital channel, making them available to a wider audience, both in Italy and abroad.


Biella, May 18 2022

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