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Sustainability has many faces. It is a complex issue, and textile industry is dealing with it on a daily basis, offering solutions at company and at system level. It was discussed at length in the ” Dialoghi di Confronto”, the workshops that took place in the Networking Area of Filo.

Sustainability requires investments of financial resources, but it also offers many opportunities for the companies to develop. It is an industrial transformation which implies responsibility for producers along the whole supply chain, but also for consumers. The “Dialoghi di Confronto”, which took place during the 56th edition of Filo, wanted to deal with this complexity, tackling the problem from many points of views, talking about it with entrepreneurs, product managers, stylists, and designers. The result is a collective framework, rich in stimulus for the audience. The registrations of the ‘Dialoghi di Confronto’ talks are available on Filo’s website at the following link


Biella, October 27 2021

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