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I LOVE FILO is a new initiative dedicated to exhibitors and realized thanks to their collaboration. Through short descriptive videos, exhibitors have the opportunity to present themselves and their reality to the public.

In a difficult time for the sector, Filo believes it is essential to open a further “showcase” on the work of the exhibiting companies. Theirs are research and development works, which are at the basis of the collections that we will see at the Salon in September.
I LOVE FILO is an initiative that puts the exhibitors of Filo on stage: they are the ones who present their Salon to the public in a direct dialogue among professionals – from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.
Below, readers can find the first interviews of I LOVE FILO with two exhibiting companies, one Japanese and one Italian. Both of them well interpret I LOVE FILO’s goal: to illustrate the “pluses” that the Exhibition guarantees to exhibitors and visitors and offer companies the opportunity to talk about themselves, their goals, their mission, especially in terms of sustainability, internationalization, people, education.
The section is open to the contribution of all exhibitors: we are looking forward to your videos for I LOVE FILO!


Biella, May 5 2021

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