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The history of Pozzi Electa is closely woven with the search for precious wools available in nature, such as camel and yak.

Pozzi Electa’s production of yarn with camel starts with the selection of the most valuable natural fibre, with very fine micron to obtain exceptional thermal insulation and softness.
Depending on the needs, the fiber is blended with other natural and artificial fibers, granting the best results in terms of fineness, length, dyeing process, shine and performance.
The characteristic natural amber colour makes these blends a special and eco-friendly proposal, as it can avoid some dyeing processes.
Yaks survive the freezing temperatures of the high Himalayan altitudes. The weather conditions favour the growth of a particularly soft undercoat with extremely fine micronage.
Pozzi Electa chooses only suppliers that can guarantee excellence in fibre selection processes.
The result is a yarn with unique characteristics of softness. Its natural colour, between dark brown and black, makes it an eco-friendly yarn, as it can avoid chemical dyeing processes.
Depending on the needs, Pozzi Electa produces natural yarns with yak mixed with other fibers, also available in the form of rovings and slivers.


Biella, March 10 2021

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