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Xinao weaving collection is made up of four yarn families: Top Line, Ever Green, Woollen, Ethical.

Here are the main characteristics of the four families of Xinao yarns.
Top Line: worsted yarns in cashmere, cashmere silk, wool cashmere, wool coolmax e pure wool 13,5 micron.
Ever Green: classic worsted yarns in wool cashmere, wool silk e pure wool.
Woollen: top quality woollen yarns in pure cashmere, cashmere wool and pure wool.
Ethical: yarns made using sustainable raw materials and treatments, mulesing free, RWS and GOTS wool, Chlorine free treatment, GRS polyester.
The Xinao collection is oriented to medium-high level market with a strong focus on the issue of sustainability, yarns are available in raw white and dyed.


Biella, March 10 2021

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