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“Follow Filo”: Sustainability Project by Filo is on the move

Officially launched during the 51st edition of Filo (February 27-28, 2019), the Filo Sustainability Project is now going live, with the full involvement of exhibiting companies.

“Follow Filo: sustainability is a virtuous process”: the slogan that accompanies Filo’s sustainability project explains its essential characteristics. Firstly, it is about sustainability of the production process and not of the single textile product; and the concept inevitably implies the notion of traceability of products along the supply chain; it is then a “virtuous” process because it commits companies to organize their production in a more rational way, mitigating their impact on the environment, but also with significant cost reductions.

Specifically, the Filo Sustainability Project provides for the distribution to exhibitors of a specially designed form, which allows to highlight their adherence to “sustainable practices” in the various stages of the production process. On this basis, starting from the 52nd edition of Filo next September, the “Sustainability Trend Area” of Filo will be set up, a space dedicated to products obtained from sustainable production processes, accompanied by explicit reference to environmental and social certifications obtained by companies.

Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, explains: “Most of our textile companies already adopt sustainable production processes, but this is often overlooked by the general public. For this reason, we have decided to propose to our exhibitors a project that leads to the creation of the “Sustainability Trend Area” within Filo: a space dedicated to products obtained from sustainable production processes, with the voluntary and self-certified explication of the various phases productions carried out in a sustainable way, both in the environmental and social fields. We have already received a very positive feedback from companies for our initiative, a sign that this is the concrete response to a real need for communication of companies”.

Biella, 13 march 2019

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