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Five themes for Pozzi Electa

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For the 48th edition of Filo Pozzi Electa, cotton-type spinning mill for luxury and special yarns, has developed a path in five themes.

Here are the five Pozzi Electa themes. Primitive: a romantic and primitive mix of natural blends such as cotton, linen and silk intertweaving to create irregular effects. Luxury: mixing traditional and natural fibers, such as cotton, with precious and refined fibers such as cashmere, silk, yak and cupro, to get stylish fabrics for the luxury market. irregular effects, slub and mélange. Papery: the new generation is using washable fabrics without the use of chemicals, they are pure and clean. Crepe or string yarns in poly-viscose, poly-linen, viscose-silk crepe for dry hands, paper, to obtain hybrid and adaptably futuristic silhouettes. Techno: yarns made with high performance fibers, as microfiber polyester and nylon, to obtain sensual outlines and at the same time highly technological garments. Workwear: the stifness in new fabrics and denim-like looks, with the help of cotton-polyester yarns or rustic silks inserts, to obtain outlines and volumes typical of workwear clothes.

Biella, 27 September 2017

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