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Filoflow Itma

Filo together with Acimit at Itma Barcelona

The first step of the synergy between Filo and Acimit (Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers) has been the presence of Filo at the Acimit press conference at Barcelona during the latest Itma edition. Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, spoke at the event to present the Yarns and Fibres’ Exhibition and, in particular, FiloFlow, its sustainability project.

First of all, the synergy between Filo and Acimit wants to strengthen the awareness that it possible to talk about sustainability only in the frameworkt of a wider supply chain, which includes textile industry but also machinery to produce it. During Itma Barcelona, Acimit appointed to two associated companies the Italian Green Label Award, for their commitment in reducing the carbon footprint (emission expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent), therefore the event was the ideal stage to launch FiloFlow, Filo sustainability project. The speech by Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, aroused great interest among the large audience of international journalists and professionals participating in the event, proving the topicality of the issue. As Mr. Monfermoso said at the end of his speech: “The cooperation between Filo and Acimit starts from sustainability. It is indeed clear that it is not possible to talk about sustainability of the textile production process without including machinery. On the other hand, for a long time both Filo and Acimit have been particularly sensitive to the issue. Now the attention has become commitment, for Filo through FiloFlow and for Acimit through the Italian Green Label Award”.

Biella, 3 july 2019

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