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Towards Filo no. 52: a world of “Metamorphosis”

A large part of the roadshow meetings for the presentation of the 52nd edition of Filo was reserved to “Metamorphosis” the product development proposals, carried out by Gianni Bologna, manager of Filo for creativity and style.

Mr. Bologna has explained: “Metamorphosis is possibly the highest rate of harmony and we chose it as a title in order to highlight the idea of permeation, interaction and mergers between human and non-human presences on the Planet. The melting of these components produced metamorphic images suspended in the instant of mutation and within the undefined state typical of any change with all the characteristics which mark them out: fluidity, shape’s mutation, chromatic variation, irregular and undefined design, surfaces that from opaque become reflecting and conversely, from solid to fluid, from the matter to the transparency. Many different textile materials are involved, and their combinations aim at creating “moving” or crinkly surfaces where even warp patterns are preferably in union with presence of elastomers or elements that anyway can somehow slightly ‘distort’ the recurring regular repeats”.

The product development proposals can be found on Filo’s website:

The 52nd edition of Filo will be held on the 25th and 26th of September 2019 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

Biella, 17 july 2019

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