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The excellent results of the 59th edition of Filo, which ended on 23 February, make us look with optimism to the 60th edition scheduled at Alliance Mi.Co in Milan in September the 20th and 21st, 2023.

The 60th edition marks a fundamental landmark for Filo. And the exhibition of yarns and fibres face it with the enthusiasm, professionalism, and concreteness, that have always distinguished it, looking to the future, and strengthening commitments and projects. In particular, Filo wants to represent itself as an increasingly platform for business, a place where yarns’ supply and demand can meet; a place where collaborations start, grow, and strengthen. This is why, over the years, Filo’s doors have always been opened to dyeing mills, fibres’ producers, knitwear factories, and recently also to the services for companies. The main goal is to offer to exhibitors and visitors a supply chain’s view, considered as an approach that cannot be set aside to comply with important issues as sustainability, traceability, and circular economy and to grow and strengthen in increasingly demanding and competitive markets.


Biella, March 22 2023

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