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Filo between assessments and future

The 50th edition of Filo, held in Milan at the end of September, was a success according to the numbers about both exhibitors and visitors. It was a success according to the exhibiting companies too, who highlighted the quality and the competence of the buyers arrived at the fair. And it was also so according to visitors, who once more acknowledged and appreciated the very high quality of the products exhibited during the show.

Paolo Monfermoso, manager of Filo, some weeks after the 50th edition of Filo, comes back to the results of the show: “First of all, I would like to thank all the companies which participated in the 50th edition of Filo, especially the exhibiting ones, because we owe them if Filo has become such an important event in the international trade fair scene. I often repeat that Filo grows just thanks to the teamwork and I think the results regarding the 50th edition of Filo confirms this opinion totally, beginning with Filo’s ‘historic’ collaborations with ITA-Agency, Sistema Moda Italia and Milano Unica. The value of teamwork in a supply chain framework is confirmed too: the opening of Filo to dye-works, decided by some editions ago, is a factor that enables the companies to have immediate answers on the opportunities of developing products and articles. As for sustainability – an issue increasingly discussed in the textile and apparel system – it has a specific value in the supply-chain’s context”. What’s for 2019? “We will continue along the path we have started some years ago: we want to make Filo even more international, and able to reflect researches and developments gained in our industry. And we want Filo to continue to be the platform where demand and supply of excellence’s products meet. In fact, it is quality that makes us unique”. Monfermoso ends by saying: “I would like to thank all the people who have taken part in the party organised to celebrate the 50th edition and 25 years of life of Filo. It has been a demonstration of huge attention towards our exhibition, that of course we want to reward by working with more and more professionalism, to help companies achieving increasingly important goals”.


Biella, 24th october 2018

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