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Fil-3, innovation on classic yarns

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Fil-3 produces and offers a wide range of yarns: melange, combed, tweed, boutonné, timeless and eco-sustainable, the collections are characterized by quality components and fanciful color variations.

To name a few among those exhibited at the 51st edition of Filo, here are Bott27 and Tweed65, wool blends and nylon, but also Rugby, Bristol, and Cardiff, produced with a special additional component: silk.

To create something pleasantly out of the ordinary, Fil-3 have followed the market demands without losing sight of the needs of each customer. For example,

Texas, a mixture of polyester, wool, silk, and acrylic, was created for this reason, and precisely for its peculiarities it has given rise to a highly sought-after production line.

Another peculiarity has to be found in Narciso, made with scraps of jeans and recycled wool, with colors that recall its main component.

Pigalle, a mixture of wool, nylon, viscose, and silk, is perfect for circular production and is characterized by a soft hand, while Lima, mixed wool and Alpaca, finds its ideal realization with tricot knitwear.

Fil-3 has always tried to blend evergreen and innovation, with special consideration for eco-sustainable products, without losing sight of beauty, warmth, and softness.

Biella, 20 February 2019

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