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Wool, linen, cotton, silk are ‘ancient’ fibres, the essence of textile tradition. Nowadays, they keep their contemporaneity unchanged for their undoubted and excellent intrinsic characteristics, often strengthened and renovated by the encounter and the mix with ‘man-made’ fibres – created by men – in the search for always new materials.

To follow up with the progresses related to the well-structured fibres’ industry, for some seasons, Filo has been dedicating to natural and man-made fibres an important area within the trade fair pavilion and during the debates of “Dialoghi di Confronto”, a choice that will be repeated at the 59th edition, which will be held at MiCo on February 22 and 23, 2022. The decision made by Filo to open its doors to fibres, deriving from the will to offer a supply chain vision to visitors and exhibitors, also offers the opportunity to build fruitful collaborations along the textile supply chain, based on common research for increasingly innovative and sustainable products.


Biella, October 26 2022

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