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“e-Filo: 365 days of yarns”, Filo’s marketplace


Captivating in its graphics, easy to use, always available, constantly updated. This is “e-Filo: 365 days of yarns” the Filo digital marketplace, which has been presented this morning to the press by Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, during the opening of the 56th edition of Filo at MiCo, Milan Convention Centre.

“e-Filo: 365 days of yarns” is an online platform aiming at keeping a constant contact between Filo”s exhibitors and visitors. It represents a concrete and decisive working tool, addressed to Filo’s exhibiting companies and their clients. It doesn’t replace the fair – which remain an unmissable event – but it represents its extension, since it is “open” 365 days a year.

“e-Filo: 365 days of yarns” consists of a showcase where Filo’s exhibiting companies insert their products, the most interesting innovations and new proposals. For buyers, the access is easy, the research for products is quick and intuitive: the search engine, expressly studied for Filo, allows the research through different specific yarns” characteristics: composition, counting, processing, certification and much more.
It enables exhibitors to reach fast and simply their clients, to keep proposing both consolidated products and new proposals, together with the innovations inserted in the collection throughout the year.

Paolo Monfermoso states: “Over the last two difficult years, we have learned that digital gives to textile fairs particularly interesting opportunities. It is obvious that it cannot replace the physically held fair: textile products need to be touched for being totally appreciated. And the face-to-face encounter between producer and buyer is an essential starting point for any kind of collaboration. However today, physical and digital spaces can integrate one another and help to build the future of textile industry. From this point of view, an online showcase – such as our “e-Filo: 365 days of yarns” – represents a useful extension of the physically held fair. Filo has caught the challenge, but also the opportunity given by new digital tools, with the intention of making them a new way for doing business for both its exhibitors and visitors. Our goal, through this new initiative, is strengthening the already existing cooperation between exhibitors and buyers and creating new possibilities of collaboration, looking for innovative products, whose point of reference is quality and sustainability”.

The 56th edition of Filo ends tomorrow, September the 30th.

Biella, September 29, 2021

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