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The 56th edition of Filo ends with positive results


The 56th edition of Filo, the international yarns and fibres’ exhibition, has closed today by recording great results.

Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, states that: ‘The 56th edition of Filo has closed today with great results, which have been achieved within a context that looks at the recovery with renovated confidence. The desire of the exhibiting companies to re-start, proven by the choice of being at Filo with really innovative and high-quality products, corresponds with the enthusiasm of a massive flow of buyers who visited the fair during the two days. Totally, we have registered 75 exhibitors, with the return of some foreign companies, while the number of visitors has been far beyond expectations. There were also foreign buyers coming from France, Portugal, Turkey, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, the U.K. and Mozambique, also thanks to the collaboration with ITA-Agency’.
Monfermoso continues by saying that: ‘During this 56th edition of Filo, we have proposed various innovations: the opening to fibres, the area dedicated to knitwear, the concrete attention to sustainability. However, the most significant innovation is the launch of ‘e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns”, our marketplace. The project has been specifically designed for Filo and in carrying out it, we wanted to directly listen to the companies and their needs. The result is represented by a quick platform, easy to use and with simple and immediate key research. We strongly believe in this project, that has already been highly appreciated by the companies. In our intentions, ‘e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns’ represents an extension of the physically held fair, which enable us to exploit the possibilities offered by the digital tools to transform them into new business’ opportunities for Filo’s exhibitors and visitors. In order to orient our work for the future, important feedback also derive from the other innovations that we have introduced for the 56th edition of Filo. Therefore, ‘Un Filo per la maglia’ – the new area dedicated to knitwear, has received great interest, as well as the world leading companies in the production of fibres.
The interest in sustainability is increasingly growing, and to this theme a special trend area has been designed, with FiloFlow, Filo’s sustainability project, at the centre of it. Almost all exhibitors participate in it, and this proves the attention that they dedicate to this theme and their growing desire to convey the progress made in this field outside.
In conclusion, the two days of Filo have been very intense, animated by the passion of our companies for a re-start of this industry based on the enhancement of unique products, resulting from the experience and the processing which are unique for their quality’.
Pier Francesco Corcione, CEO of Assoservizi, in his intervention during the inauguration press conference, has talked about the ‘new Filo’, connecting it to the recovery of the whole sector: ‘During the most difficult time, by being forced to cancel February 2020 and February 2021 editions, Filo decided to invest. The result is a ‘new Filo’, with new trend areas and new thematic areas, a ‘new Filo’ that finally can totally live the new location at MiCo. Investing means focusing on a structural recovery. However, a structural recovery cannot overlook training, and then I am particularly pleased that Filo is hosting in this edition the exhibition carried out by ITS TAM Biella’s students’.
Training has also been discussed by Elena Chiorino, Councillor for Training, Education and Employment of Piedmont Region. In her intervention during the conference, Chiorino stated that: ‘The 56th edition of Filo marks a re-start made in great style. At Filo, there are the foundations for a structural recovery: training, manufacture of ‘il bello e ben fatto’ (‘beauty and well-made’), communication, also through new channels. Indeed, there is no competitivity without competence and there is no competence without training’.
The attention of Filo to training has been stressed noy only by holding the show “Ricucire il futuro” carried out by ITS-TAM Biella, but also by registering the presence in the fair of some students from ITS Mita Academy, who participated in a training session about a new role able to combine product’s technical competences and commercial ones.
Monfermoso concludes by saying that: ‘A new Filo, totally re-designed in the lay-out, from the setting up to colours’ explosion of the Trend Area, in a very evocative and welcoming environment’.
Filo will wait for you at the 57th, scheduled to be held on the 23rd and 24th of February 2022.

Elena Aravecchia
Press office Filo
Cell. 339 6473377

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