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An excellent record of the 48th edition of Filo

An excellent record of the 48th edition of Filo

 The 48th edition of Filo, the international yarns and fibres’ exhibition, has closed today within a positive atmosphere, registering a growing number of visitors: + 10% compared to the corresponding edition in 2016. Organisers are especially satisfied with the increase of the number of foreign buyers.

Paolo Monfermoso confirmed this trend saying that: ‘The 48th edition of Filo  has concluded within a very positive atmosphere. The increase of exhibitors – more than 90 at this edition – goes hand in hand with buyers’ flow, higher than expected. Therefore, the interest for a fair proposing yarns’ excellence based on a B2B model has been confirmed, endorsing concreteness, professionalism and efficiency. Meeting a need of exhibiting and visiting companies, during this edition we have opened the doors to a selected group of dyeing mills and serving enterprises for textile firms. We have done that following the concept of ‘pipeline’, in order to offer to the operators a wider vision of the production chain. The same goal is linked to the strengthening of synergy between Milano Unica and the continuous cooperation with Sistema Moda Italia. Along the path towards an increasingly internationalisation of Filo, ITA-Agency has been followed the fair for many years, promoting during this edition the presence of a delegation made up of foreign buyers coming from Japan, Great Britain, Spain, France, Belgium, Turkey, Portugal and Russia’.

 It has now become a tradition the official inauguration of the 48th Filo edition, which occurred during the conference organised by Filo together with ITA-Agency and Sistema Moda Italia and dedicated to ‘the fair of sustainable chains’. Aiming at strengthening the unity and the uniqueness of Italian textile pipeline that, during the conference, Filo and Milano Unica announced the decision to launch Filo’s trends at Milano Unica and, vice versa, the trends carried out from Milano Unica at Filo. After the welcoming greeting by Marinella Loddo, director of ITA office in Milan, Carlo Piacenza, president of Unione Industriale Biellese, officially opened the 48th edition. During his speech, Piacenza highlighted that: ‘the conference’s title itself – which connects the two concepts of chain and synergy – well represents how the interest of operators is focusing today not only on product’s quality but also on everything lies behind the products. That is why we recorded with satisfaction the interest of Filo’s dyeing mills: there are three firms belonging to this sector which have decided to exhibit at this edition, offering an important contribution to the debate about the underlying principle of this edition: sustainability. Sustainability is a serious word, but over-used. For this reason, we must always remember that Italian textile companies have adopted sustainability for many years. Therefore, we are ready to face this challenge, talking about chain, being aware that this is an important tool to deal with markets, to be well managed’. Ercole Botto – president of Milano Unica – delivered his speech on the same wavelength: ‘To those people who ask me if we will talk about sustainability at Milano Unica, I usually answer with the same words that have been used here by Carlo Piacenza: Milano Unica does not refers to sustainability, but tries to realize it. For the fact that a true sustainability is inserted within a pipeline and is based on an increasingly strong link between upstream and downstream, throughout Filo we have decided to strengthen the cooperation between the two fairs, showing Filo’s trend at Milano Unica and vice versa. This is also to face a market which is demanding even more shorter times’. The willing to put in contact those chains linked to textile industry has been also repeated by Alessandro Zucchi, president of Acimit (Italian association of textile machinery), that announced his intention to ‘being present, at least institutionally, at the next edition of Filo. During his intervention, Zucchi launched the initiatives of his association in order to make sustainability a business model. These are the same clients’ companies which are asking for producing machines that can reach a production different from competitors’. The intervention of Gian Franco Di Natale, director of Smi-Sistema Moda Italia and Confindustria Moda, dedicated his speech to Russia, the ‘focus’ country of the conference. ‘Numbers often do not tell everything, but talking about Russia, the following data are quite significant: in 2008, before the severe downturn, the export of Italian textile-apparel industry accounted for 1.5 billion euro; the larger system, the one distinguishing Confindustria Moda, had reached 2 billion and 400 million. In 2016, our exports achieved 1 billion and 300 million. However, from January to May 2017, export increased by 17% and, if we consider May 2017 compared to May 2016, the growth registered 34%. It has been possible to maintain these positions thanks to some initiatives of Smi, which gave a message of confidence to Russian market concerning care for Made in Italy, using no forcing during crisis periods that affected the Russian Federation. On the other hand, Russian market has great potentials for various Made in Italy’s sectors’.

During his speech, Ivan Scalfaratto, undersecretary for Economic Development, revoked the sustainability’s challenge, saying that: ‘Sustainability is one the cornerstones through which we can spread the sensed excellence of Italian yarns. It is already a common awareness that corporate social responsibility is one of success’ factor for product, in such a way that a product created according standards and environmental values meet a higher favour by consumers, especially that crucial segment represented by millennials, that circular economy and low impact on ecosystem represent a categorical imperative, especially for the West’.

The off-the-cuff remarks by exhibitors are confirming the satisfaction for what has been done during the 48th Filo edition.

Roberto Rimoldi from Filatura Luisa states that: ‘We are satisfied with the performance of these two days at Filo, considering also that summer collection does not represent for us the peak season. We consider particularly interesting that the vast majority of visits we received were made by foreign buyers’.

Paola Rossi from Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia says that: ‘Our opinion about Filo is positive, as always. We have registered a constant flow of visitors, more Italian than foreign ones, but just because we had already met some foreign clients before the fair’s beginning, for their special needs. Among the most appreciated products, silk yarns, silk/wool blends and silk/linen blends, with rustic/chic effects’.

Vicenzo Caneparo from Davifil says that: ‘Our judgement of Filo is positive. We hosted a number of visitors equal to the last great editions, with various new and high-qualified names. We have noticed a huge number of foreign visitors, that, as far as our company is concerned, overcame Italian ones’.

Gianni Fantini from Tollegno 1900 states that: ‘We are satisfied with the trend of these two days at Filo. We received more visitors than September’s edition of 2016, with foreign visitors overcoming Italian ones. There were various origin countries: Russia, Turkey, Korea, Germany, Japan and Portugal. Of course, the quality of buyers is more important than the number, but we are satisfied since we have gathered names of very interesting potential clients’. Francesco Della Porta too judges positively the fair: ‘We are strongly satisfied, we have registered a high participation of buyers, qualified and concrete. The number of foreign buyers was greater than usual, that appreciated our totally Made in Italy production, entirely made by self-produced energy (both photovoltaic and hydroelectric). We have studied theme collection, which has been really appreciated by clients’.

Italfil– ‘Visitors’ flow has been intense during the two days of Filo, in line with the interest raised by products for summer season. Buyers were even very qualified, really interested not only for our already consolidated yarns, but also for our new technical products. On the other hand, our company invested a lot in technologies which have helped us develop new blends and an overall renewal of colours’ range’.

Vittoria Marchi from Marchi e Fildi says that: ‘The evaluation of this edition is totally positive. We have seen many costumers, both consolidated and new ones’. Among the foreign ones, buyers showed interest for all our proposals, from the most classical ones to research articles’. Among new proposals, our yarns devoted to a higher market range provoked great interest. On the other hand, our company endorses service as a constant research of products, but also as accurate organisation of techniques and commercials structures meeting clients’ needs to 360 degrees’.

Davide Marcante from Südwolle says: ‘This has been a positive edition, with a good flow of visitors, strongly interested in our products, especially those produced through the research. For summer collection, we have proposed blurred textures, in relief, with three-dimensional and well-defined surfaces’. Marco Bardelle from Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 says that: ‘This is the first time that my company participates in Filo as exhibitor. It has been a nice ‘surprise’. We had interesting technical discussion, and not only debates on prices and quantities with visitors, as elsewhere can occur. We have found also costumers willing to search and appreciate new products. Therefore, according to our opinion, Filo is a truly B2B fair’. Mario and Maurizio Mancini from Tintoria Mancini were particularly satisfied: ‘Our presence at Filo has been extremely positive. Visitors were highly interested in our products. Many new companies contacted us ‘discovering’ some news, besides our consolidated costumers’. Among the companies which have exhibited at Filo for the first time, Barbara Carini from Cps Tex highlights how ‘our first presence at Filo is undoubtedly positive. It gave us the opportunity to understand how develop our participation in the fair and the interaction with both Filo exhibitors and visitors, who represent our target-clients. As far as machinery is concerned, we are able to offer a good standing and overall service, using also high-quality suppliers’.

We wait for you at the 49th edition of Filo, which will be held on the 21st and 22nd of February 2918 at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.


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