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“Alternatives”: online the product development proposals by Filo

From today, the product development proposals for the 57th edition of Filo are available online on the Filo website (

Conceived by Gianni Bologna (Filo’s creativity and style manager), the product development proposals of the 57th edition of Filo are illustrated in a highly suggestive video, entitled “Alternative”.
Here the general macro-trend is declined along three textile themes: “This one”, “That one” “Otherwise”,

Also for the product development proposals of the 57th edition, Filo continues with the publication exclusively online. It is Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, who explains the reasons for the choice: “For some editions we have chosen to publish Filo’s development proposals exclusively online. It is a decision that stems from a number of considerations. First, the release through this method responds to a specific market request and allows a very large public: through the digital channel we can reach a large audience of professionals interested in our proposals, in Italy and abroad. Secondly, in this way the access to product development proposals does not stop at a “here and now” level, but extends over time: exhibitors, buyers, sector professionals can choose the moment in which to view them, return to see them in every time to grasp new aspects and inspirations. Finally, we must realise that in the last two years many things have changed in our sector, and events in presence and digital communication are increasingly going to integrate and complete each other, offering operators new services and new advantages.”
Mr. Monfermoso concludes: “Our choice was rewarded by the appreciation and support of operators even in objectively difficult times for textiles. Today, in a moment of recovery, the invitation is therefore to connect to the Filo website ( from 14 December to find inspirations and suggestions in the Filo development proposals: ideas that companies can then transform into the products on display at the 57th edition of Filo.”

Gianni Bologna explains the inspiration behind the product development proposals for the 57th edition of Filo: “For Filo’s product development proposals, we focus on the concept of “Alternatives”. We consider it as a possible merger of intents looking for the new tradition, in any case trying to protect a part of non-homogenisation which is fundamental for the creative area of textile industry, where the multiplicity of ways of expressions is a vital component as well as the creative efforts that our mind can generate by sourcing those possibilities that are rarely activated and exploited.”

From December 14, therefore, go to Filo website ( and view “Alternative” – the product development proposals for the 57th edition of Filo, which will take place on the 23rd and 24th of February 2022 at the MiCo in Milan.

Biella, December 14, 2021

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