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The 56th edition of Filo: story of two successful days


The 56th edition of Filo has been characterised by many innovations: an investment in resources, ideas and work that has been rewarded by visitors’ participation which, also thanks to exhibitors, went beyond any optimistic expectation and by an enthusiasm among the booths that was possible to perceive from the opening of the fair, on Wednesday the 29th of September.

“Youth4Climate” activities, carried out near Filo’s location, saw a strong presence of young people who, with passion, are committed to the protection of our planet, and it could have caused some slowing down in accessing Filo, but the inconvenience has been limited thanks to the prompt collaboration of police, that has always ensured the entrance to our exhibiting hall.
On the other hand, the concurrence with “Youth4Climate” can be interpreted as highly significative of a commitment to sustainability that the companies participating in Filo have taken for long time.

Let’s then retrace the steps of this successful edition of Filo, ideally following the totally re-designed layout of the exhibition space.
Indeed, at the entrance, people entering Filo had the possibility to admire the show designed by the students attending the ITS-TAM in Biella: “Ricucire il future – Omaggio a Chanel”. The show combines past, present, and future, and at the same time it represents a tribute to Coco Chanel’s style and a reflection on current themes and issues. It is Filo’s hope to renew the collaboration with ITS-TAM Biella also in future editions, since the development of creativity, and more generally, the education of professionals working within the textile/apparel industry are key factors for the growth of the sector.
This is proven also by the visit to Filo of other students, coming from Tuscany, with ITS-Mita Academy: their interest has mainly focused on products, processes, and marketing aspects, often opening a dialogue already “as professionals” with the exhibitors of Filo, who were positively impressed by the skills shown by the students.

On our journey through the 56th edition of Filo, our gaze now opens on the Trend Area: totally redesigned in the lay-out, it has kept intact the characteristics that make it an indispensable working tool for buyers, but it does so now with an evocative setting up, which sees an explosion of colours and materials, in a large and welcoming area, where it is pleasant, as well as interesting, to spend time carefully studying the proposals of the companies.
The Trend Area was not the only place where it was possible to find a general overview of exhibitors’ proposals. In fact, “Un Filo per la maglia”, the new area dedicated to yarns for knitting aroused great curiosity. The area has been created to give the right visibility to the proposals that have always been present at Filo and that today they are even more in demand by the market. The same reasoning applies to the Sustainability Area, where the proposals from the companies participating in FiloFlow, the sustainability project of Filo, were set.

There was a lot of talk about sustainability during the 56th edition of Filo: in the booths, thanks to the products and the processes carried out by the exhibitors; within the area of Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, under an evocative suspended Third Paradise, which has been realised by using the yarns from one of Biella’s companies.
Research and sustainability were discussed in particular at the stands of the leading international companies producing fibres, that took part in this edition of Filo: Asahi Kasai (with Bemberg and ROICA brands), Lenzing and The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (Confederazione Europea del Lino e della Canapa – Celc).

Sustainability and traceability were discussed above all in the “Dialoghi di Confronto”, held in the Networking Area, one of the innovations introduced with the 56th edition of Filo.
In the short workshops during the two days of Filo, followed with attention and participation by the audience, the discussion ranged from the innovations made in the fibres field, which nowadays are making “green” even man-made materials, up to the “natural sustainability” of linen.
Sustainability within textile and fashion industry has been tackled from various perspectives: these issues were discussed by managers, product-men, entrepreneurs, creatives, and fashion designers, such as Andrea Rosso and Tiziano Guardini.

Our journey in the 56th edition ends with yet another innovation and in a space that from physical becomes digital: Filo presented “e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns”, its marketplace platform. Simple, intuitive, easy to use, developed according to companies’ needs, “e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns” has been greeted with enthusiasm by exhibitors and, just a few hours away from its launch, it has already stirred up the curiosity of the buyers, as shown by first data available on accesses.

The success of the 56th Filo edition was not to take for granted: we are still living a difficult economic downturn, the sector was among the most affected ones by the pandemic, the arrival of foreign exhibitors and buyers is still influenced by restrictions and uncertainties.
However, we have recorded positive results, showing that the teamwork, the will, and the investments aiming at achieving some well targeted results always bring to positive outcomes. Now, precisely because it went beyond expectations, the evaluation of the 56th edition of Filo represents a real boost to recovery and an invitation to look with greater confidence to the future of the whole textile industry with confidence.

Arrivederci to the 57th edition of Filo on the 23rd and 24th February 2022!

Biella, October 1, 2021

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